How can we analyse if the website is penalized are not?

How can we analyse if the website is penalized are not?

2 May, 2017


A Website is a collection or set of related WebPages, including the multimedia content and it’s identified with a common domain name and published on at least one web server. A website is accessible with via public internet protocol (IP) Network, such as internet or private networks (LAN), by referencing uniform resource locator (URL) that identifies the site.

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Search engine crawls our website to index, But when crawled if the bots find any errors then websites are penalized by search engine. Google being the major search engine we shall discuss about google penalty.

Step 1: Login to Google Webmaster Tools

First we have to register our website with Google webmaster tools. Webmaster tools are the medium Google is using to communicate with the webmasters and it’ll inform them about potential problems of their websites. And Webmaster tools can includes manual penalties as well.

Webmaster tools are mentioned that are 2 types of penalties and it is important to know their difference.

# 1 Manual penalty: A human (probably from web spam team) imposed a penalty to your website. This can happen because of number of reasons. It should take action up on whole website or partially.

When this is the case, Google will give you an indicator about your problems you should correct that mistakes within the time. If you once correct that mistakes you have to submit reconsideration request to Google after that they will tell you if the penalty has been removed or not.

# 2 Algorithmic penalty: It is the most common type of penalty and it’s automatic. Algorithm penalties are not reported to Webmasters tools and they don’t have a option to submit reconsideration request. There is only one way if there is hit by automatic penalty is the method described below.

Algorithm penalties are mainly possible with regular changes in our websites Google is making to their ranking Algorithms, Going back to the example; you can login to webmaster tools to see if your website is under manual penalty. You can find this under SEARCH TRAFFIC/MANUAL ACTIONS.

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If you see the image “no manual webspam actions found” than your website is clean and secure. If you have any manual penalty you have to follow these following steps to correct them and then request a review of the site.

Step 2: Login to Google Analytics and review your Google Traffic

The best way to check your website was penalized by an automatic penalty is to login to Google Analytics and review your Google organic traffic. If you see any drops and changes in your traffic during that dates Google released an Algorithmic change then most probably you were hit and that’s the main reason that your traffic is dropped.

Select your Website from the Google Analytics Dashboard and then go to ACQUISITION/ALL TRAFFIC / SOURSE/ MEDIUM. From the list select GOOGLE/ORGANIC. What you see in the report that is the number of visitors you get from Google search result.

Next, select the reporting period from the top right side and go back as much as you can Google released a major update named – panda – in February 2011.

If you see a sudden drop in traffic in a date that an update was released than look in moz and know what type of update it was and try to read and do what can you do to recover.

What happens when your Website is penalized?

  • you lose your Google traffic
  • The second thing is that you also lose your Google trusts and this means that you need to show good faith and be patience till you get back.

Google does not like websites that spammy or copied content websites. Google consider these types of activities like crime. That’s why they remove them from their index. And it’s very hard to start your process from initial stage, they want to show useful and good websites in their SERPS And violating their guidelines is a very bad moves and it’s your responsibility to play with the rules with all the time.

What not to do when your website is penalised:

With the advent of the new enforcement aggressiveness on Google’s part with both Panda and Penguin, we’re aware that many inexperienced seo agencies are claiming to have solutions and expertise that they clearly do not have in order to exploit the opportunity created by so many penalized sites.  Some of these solutions are actually dangerous and can make the problems suffered by rank loss even worse and more difficult to remediate in the long run.  Given this new environment, here is our somewhat counterintuitive list of what not to do:

  • Do not Attempt to SEO yourself out of a penalty.
  • Do not Build Links to penalised sites.
  • Do not Burn Bridges – Stay on good terms with the seo who got you penalised.
  • Do not file a reconsideration request without doing any remediation.


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