Self Introduction TIPS for Interview

Self Introduction TIPS for Interview

3 August, 2017


Self Introduction Tips

Self Introduction Tips

Jim has an interview to attend the next day and the last thing that comes to his mind is, “How shall I introduce myself“? The moment he thinks about it, he skips the thought assuming that he knows himself quite well anyway and he needs to focus more on the technicals.

The next day, Jim, post completing his in- interview, is left a bit shocked and angry be- cause they never asked him any technical questions and said thank you before he could think clearly.

What happened inside the room and why our so very confident Jim couldn’t come out successful.

Yes, you are right, the Self Introduction, the first step to any interview failed in the case of Jim.

So let me give you some tips to Self Introduction as it is the first thing the interviewer would love to know before going into your technicals or other work experience details.


T – Tell About yourself

Your first liner must always be introducing your name. Do not assume that they can read it from your CV or resume. You can also get little creative here

I – Introduction of yourself

You must only speak about yourself like your name, your family, your likes and your objective.

P – Physical Profile

It is essential that you are groomed well and have a professional body language which creates the first impression to last longer.

S – Short and Simple

Always keep your self-introduction like a KISS ( keep it short and Simple ). Do not overdo your introduction but be prepared what strong areas you would like to introduce yourself.

A good language with the right tone of voice and self-confidence is finally the essence to great Self Introduction.
Self Introduction is your first Impression which is your lasting impression !

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