Popular Digital Marketing Job Profiles

Popular Digital Marketing Job Profile:  

Digital Marketing Executive:

digital marketing job profilesAt an entry level, you are likely to join an organization as a digital marketing executive (or may be SEO executive, social media marketing executive, search engine marketing executive). You are likely to work under a team leader or manager and perform multiple tasks, including research, content development, etc.

Digital Marketing Specialist:

After acquiringexperience (ie 2+ years) in a particular field such as SEO or SEM, you will be promoted to a specialized position such as SEO or SEM Expert or Community Lead or Content Marketing Expert. In this position, while you report to your manager, you will make many decisions independently.digitalmarketingjobprofiles

Digital marketing manager or team leader: With 2 to 4 years of experience, you will be working as a manager or team leader, Ex. SEO Manager, SEM Team Leader. In this position you will be managing a team and will directly contribute to strategy as well as tactical plans for the organization.
Digital Marketing Strategist / Analyst: In organizations or agencies where there is strong focus on aspects such as SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, there is a need for skilled professionals for strategic and analytical roles. While team leaders or managers will continue to lead the respective teams, these profiles will guide them more as consultants to improve their overall effectiveness. An analyst can also contribute to teams from several other teams

Head of Digital Marketing: As the title says, a digital marketing head is the senior profile in this field. In organizations where integrated marketing campaigns exist, Digital Marketing Head will report to the Head of Marketing or CMO who will be responsible for the overall marketing function.

Head of Marketing/CMO (Chief Marketing Officer): While these are profiles, which are not technically digital marketing profiles, it’s important to note that any marketer who wants to rise to these top positions MUST know digital marketing really well.digital marketing job profiles

Professionals at these positions are unlikely to play a direct role in digital marketing campaigns execution but will play a very critical role in defining integrated marketing strategy, plan resources (both internal and external), define metrics and analyze performance for continuous improvement.


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