Earn money from website traffic

How can  earn money from website traffic?


Now-a-days, every individual is relying on internet; Internet has become a part of life for people. With the recently technology growth, people are using smart phones to browse Internet. If your website is having good  traffic, you can earn a lot of money. The only thing you have to do is to maintain your website at its best so that you have new users coming to website everyday.

There are many ways to earn money from website traffic. One of the best ways to earn money from website traffic is through Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing. So, let’s discuss on Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing.

Google AdSense:

It’s a Google product and is application to earn money from website traffic by placing another website Ad on your website.


Google AdSense provides a path for website owners to earn money from website traffic. Google AdSense works by advertising similar text and display Ads to your website based on your website content. The Ads are paid by advertisers who want to promote their products/services. Since these advertisers pay different prices for different Ads, the amount that you earn will vary.

Firstly, to earn money from website traffic via Google AdSense, you need to have Google account and fill the details for Google AdSense webpage via Gmail account. You must submit an application that includes name, address, mobile number, website URL, website language etc., to Google AdSense. Once done you must also have to agree various Google AdSense terms and conditions. After registration process completed, you will recived Ads requests from other websites.

Whenever the site visitor clicks the one of the ads that is displayed on website (like text, image, video, link etc.,) then Google will pay to us by cost per click or cost per impression values. If you have a good traffic for your website, you can generate good revenue from your website.

Affiliate marketing:

In simple words, its a process of earning money by promoting other website product or service on your website/webpage/blog etc.  Promoting the product or service by placing affiliate link in our website the link will be given by a promoter. If visitor come to our website and clicks that affiliate link and buy a product, we will get a commission from the promoting.

Affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is nothing but we are indirectly sending traffic to other website or webpage from our website.

Affiliate marketing is very easy to earn money from website traffic because we don’t have to create a product or service or we don’t have to be expert for selling product. All we want to do is just to share or promote the product or service in our website via affiliate link. If the visitor clicks on the affiliate link and buy a product, you will be paid commission.

So, therefore, like this, we can earn money from website traffic through Affiliate marketing if we have a lot of visitors to our website.


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